Surveying and Mapping

Founded by Broward Davis, PLS, in 1957, BDA has extensive experience in all aspects of surveying and mapping. BDA has incorporated this experience with the latest in survey technology, laws and industry standards.

Teamed with affiliated professionals BDA can offer Land Surveying services in Florida, Georgia and Alabama
  Richard L. White, PLS

Boundary Surveys
Topographic Surveys
ALTA Surveys
GPS Surveys
Construction Surveys
Bathometric Surveys
Expert Witness
Eminent Domain

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Billings & Payments:
P. O. Box 12367
Tallahassee, Fl 32317
Typical survey services include

● ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys
● Commercial Boundary Surveys
● Residential Boundary Surveys
● Topographic Surveys
● Wetland Location Surveys
● Tree and Vegetation Surveys
● Utility Location Surveys
● Engineering Surveys, including Cross-sections and Profiles
● Construction Stakeout Services and As-Built Surveys
● Forensic Surveying and Accident Studies
● Boundary Maps for Appraisal Purposes
● High Water/Tidal Surveys
● Expert Testimony
● G.P.S. Control Surveys
● Marine Surveying
● Drone Surveys

Combining yesterday’s experience and tomorrow’s technology…